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Cable Pulling Winch – Electrically Operated

Cable Pulling Winch – Electrically Operated

Cable Pulling Winches offered by us are extensively used in the Cable Pulling Industry for pulling and laying of heavy duty cable underground, We offer a wide range of winches that are appropriate for all varied needs. Our winches are Rugged, Sturdy and are designed to work in the most harsh environment.

Extensively used for pulling the electrical cables for underground cabling, Cable Pulling Winches - Electrically Operated is powered by an AC Power Supply for developing the mechanical power and this mechanical power runs a Hydro pump which runs the Hydro motor. The unit is driven throughout double capstan making sure of steady speed. The wire rope needs for pay in or pay out to pull the cable is provided from a rope holding drum which keeps the total wire rope wound on it and offers the same to double capstan turret whenever it is needed.

An auxiliary hydro motor fixed to the rope drum winds and un-winds the rope. The unit is provided with a wire rope guiding mechanism which helps in appropriate laying of the wire rope on the drum. The unit is equipped with a control panel having a HMI and a PLC for controlling the unit for speed and load

Pulling Cap Range - 3 ton , 5 ton, 10 ton, 15 ton, 20 ton and 25 ton

Wire Rope -500 mtrs, 750 mtrs and 100 mtrs.


  • Hand Operated Servo Control System for Varying the Speed during Pay In and Pay Out.
  • Continues Display of the Length of the Cable being pulled.
  • Facility to record the name of the Project, Cable Details and Cable Size.
  • Facility to take a print out of the load and speed of pulling as per your convenience.
  • Ease of setting the cut off Load Value in Kgs and Speed Value in Mts/min using a user friendly Human Machine Interface unit.
  • User Friendly Control Panel with all functions like Reset, Emergency Stop, Engine Start & Stop and Unti Performance Details displayed.
  • Powered by Electrical Motor which drives a Closed Loop Hydraulic Pump, which in turn develops oil pressure and supplies this oil to the Hydro Motor which drives the Double Capstan via a Gear Box, thereby pulling wire rope.
  • Canopy protects the unit.
  • Rope guide mechanism for appropriate laying of wire rope.
  • The load & speed of cable by means of guide rope can be set and the unit will mechanically trip if the limit exceeds the set value.
  • Mounted on wheels and can be towed anywhere with the aid of a prime mover
  • The speed of pulling is pretty high throughout pay in and almost double during pay out, thereby making sure speeding up of work
  • Electrical power is needed.
  • Perfect machine for electrical cable pulling integrating all the needed safety features